Sitting session information


**This fee is due upon booking and is a non-refundable fee to secure your booking. This fee covers the time prior, during and after your session swell as photographing your customised session.  (no products or digital files are included in this fee) **

We absolutely love the sitting up sessions because they are filled with so many great expressions at this age. Cheeky, innocent, smiley and even unique looks like scrunchie nose! Whatever it is that your child does is exactly what Paige will achieve for you. She loves and prides herself on capturing your little ones exactly as they are so when you have these amazing expressions on display you can laugh and enjoy them everyday. 

The sitting up stage is normally around 6-9months so before they can crawl is best so they arn't on the go in the studio. 
Family and sibling portraits can also be taken if you wish for no extra charge, you may even want to include your fur baby.
The best time to book your sitter session is when they are nearly about to sit up unassisted. That was we can book your session within 2-3 weeks and they will be much stronger and ready to go by then. Don't stress to much because we will always have someone or yourself close by to assist them if they want to go forward or backwards. 


After your session you will have a 10 minute coffee break while Paige selects the very best of the images to show to you. You will go through to the theatre room and view a slideshow with all your images. This is when we will go through with you to really find the ones you love and just can't live without; you only need to purchase the images that you love. All orders MUST be placed during this session so all decision makers should be present at this time. 

Minimum spend on products is $375


At Jordyn photography we have a few things available for you to use for your sitter session. We have a variety of headbands, beanies, lace and floral bonnets, tutus, rompers etc. One thing that we love and recommend is that you bring along any personal items, e.g. blanket made from someone special like grandma, a favourite toy or teddy that your little one loves, any beanies or your own headbands and just anything that you can think of that you would love to include in the shoot. It will just make the images more personal for you. 


  • Plain & simple clothing keeps the focus on expression
  • Avoid big logos, pictures and text
  • We love plain black & white
  • Simple patterns, bright colours photograph well
  • Hats, beanies, headbands & hoodies are all great accessories for close ups
  • Select similar colours and/or tones for group shots
  • note- you don’t all have to be in the same colour. Just pick something where you all match together. 
  • We love jeans and no tops for boys and our white/pink tutu skirts with no tops are most popular for our girls